The Best Ways To Get Cheap Tickets

Saving money on flight reservations is much easier now that we have the internet. It’s really simple to get great prices if you know how to do it. The internet has created so much competition, and this combined with the struggling economy has created a market where it’s possible to find sites that offer nothing but tickets that are very discounted. There are sites that do comparisons of tons of different airline’s prices all at once, saving you a lot of time.

Here are some things you can do to get the cheapest possible price:

- First, always try to get your tickets at least 21 days before the date. Tickets are always cheapest as far in advance as you can afford to get them.

- Some of the airlines have special deals from time-to-time. Make sure you check with their various sites to see what specials they are running.

- Always use as many comparison sites as you can to find the best deal. Some of the sites have inside deals that allow them to get better deals with certain airlines.

- There are special sites just for finding the best rate if you have not yet detirmined which dates your travel plans are for. They can help determine when it would be best to book your tickets for.

- There are some airlines that are not listed on the various comparison sites. This is because they are discount airlines, and reduce cost by avoiding a middleman. Do a little research to find out which companies fall into this category, and call them directly to see what kind of deals they have. These airlines also often have last minute deals because of unpopulated flights, so if you happen to need tickets quickly, this could be the way to go.

- If you travel fairly often, many of the comparison sites send out emails detailing their various offers. This can save even more time by having the deals you need delivered straight ot your email box.

Travelling these days is much cheaper than it used to be. If you are smart about it, and follow the tips detailed above, you could save a lot of money. Figure out how much you are willing to spend, and with a little research you should be able to find tickets well within your budget.

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How To Save Money On Your Next Car Rental

If you are like most people, you want to save money. This applies even when you are on vacation. Luckily, it’s not as difficult as you might think.

A fantastic way to save money while on vacation, or at any time really, is to save money when you rent a car. Here are some car rental tips that will help you do just that.

Leave Your Ego At Home

Some people consider vacation a time to rent a luxury car, or at least a car that’s more expensive than what they have at home. This does not make financial sense. Think about it. Are you going to remember the car you drove while you vacationed in London?

Rent a car that has just what you need and nothing more. If you know how to drive a stick shift, see if you can rent one of those because they will definitely cost less than an automatic. Also, if it’s just you and your spouse on vacation, do you really need a four-door sedan? Save money and rent a compact car instead.

Grab It During The Week

If you can start your rental during the week, go ahead and do it. Most rental companies charge less for renting during the week than renting a car on the weekend. And be aware that for some rental companies, Friday is now considered part of the weekend.

When you go to pick up your rental car on a Monday or Tuesday, make sure you read all the fine print. Many rental car agencies count on the fact that most consumers just sign away and take the keys. In the meantime, there might be some added fees that you won’t be aware of until you turn the car back in.

The same goes for penalties. Make sure you know what the penalties are for returning a car without a full tank of gas, or for returning it to a different franchise location. All of these things can add up very quickly.

Say No To Insurance

Be prepared for the nice clerks at the counter to try to talk you into buying insurance. They will tell you horror stories that might make your skin crawl, but you need to resist. The truth is you are probably already covered. Your job is to find out by whom.

It could be your regular car insurance or your credit card. Before you go on vacation, check to see if either one of these will cover car insurance on a rental. If they do, say no to the insurance at the rental agency and know you are saving money.

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How To Save Money On Hotels

Traveling is money well spent when you can experience new sights, sounds and scents. You can make the most of your travel buck by using wise travel planning to stretch the budget and enhance your trip. The first place to start saving is to select a hotel that fits your travel needs. At first glance, your hotel may seem like a dream, however if it does not have the amenities for wrap around comfort, your accommodation can become a nightmare. Getting started is a snap with the five basic steps to get the best hotel deals.

1. Location
Before you book your next hotel domestically or abroad, be sure to find out what sights and attractions are in the immediate area. Hotels that are conveniently located in the city center may be your best bet for easy access to public transportation. Whenever possible, save time, money and hassles by using the local trains and buses and reserve a costly taxi fare only for emergencies.

2. Seasonal Sales
Many hotels among the top international destinations offer seasonal specials and super discounted deals. Try the all-inclusive package rates or book a beach getaway in the winter for maximum savings. Likewise, destinations that can reach extreme temperatures in the summer often have a better airfare and hotel rate for those who can take the heat.

3. Get More Bang For Your Travel Buck
Most often the star rating on a hotel will indicate the level of service and luxury offered at the accommodation, however this is not always the case. The fine line between a three and four star hotel may come down to amenities that you do not intend to use. When booking a hotel, be sure that you are not paying for something that does not appeal to you such as room views, dry cleaning services and so on.

4. Evaluate What You Need From A Hotel
Before making a reservation, be sure the hotel property has what you need. Is the gym open 24 hours? Is there room service around the clock? Will you need a travel desk or concierge service? These are important features for some guests and the last thing a weary traveler needs is a surprise at check-in.

5. Fully Escorted Travel Deals
One of the best values for international travel is the fully escorted package plan. This type of travel takes care of all the major expenses to included airfare, hotels, domestic ground transportation, round trip airport transfers, some meals, a full or half-day guided tour and admission to the top attractions. Tipping and personal services are extra, however when you add up what you get for the money, the fully escorted tour remains the number one way to see the world.

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Tips For Finding A Great Price on Airfare

When you’re looking to make a flight reservation, you want to get the best deal possible. Lots of factors go into the price of a flight – the competition on the route, the demand for that particular route, and the number of seats already filled, among other things. Some factors are out of your control or may change in ways that you can’t predict. Fortunately, there are several ways to get a great price on your flight for your next trip.

Buy Early

Unless your plans are incredibly flexible with date, time, and even destination, buying early is the best way to ensure that you get the best price on your flight reservation. As seats fill up, airlines get more confident that the flight will eventually be full, and so they incrementally raise the price of a seat, thus causing your airfare to be more expensive. Buying an airline ticket early means you’ll be more likely to get a sale fare, as airlines often have sales when they’ve got a lot of open seats.

Bundle Airfare with Hotel

One way to get a great price on airfare is to purchase it in a package deal along with your hotel. Many times, you can save hundreds of dollars by buying your hotel and airfare together. It’s like getting several nights in a hotel for free in addition to getting a very good deal on a flight.

Be Flexible

Sometimes it’s not an option, but if possible, be flexible with the date and time you fly, and even the airport you fly from if you live in an area with several different airports. Leaving on your vacation a day early by flying on a Thursday, rather than a Friday, could save you several hundred dollars, just as returning on a Monday rather than a Sunday could result in substantial savings.

Set Up Mobile or Email Alerts

Many websites nowadays, such as, will send you an alert on your phone or via email to let you know when a flight you’re interested in falls below a certain price threshold. You can set the alert to check certain routes, dates, times, and prices. For example, you could ask that you be alerted whenever the price of airfare between New York and London falls below $800 on May 10th, allowing you to snag a great deal.

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Saving Money on Car Rentals

You can travel and have a nice vacation and while still staying within a budget. When renting a car, check online for potential prices. Usually checking a site such as that gives you several different car companies to compare prices is a great start. This way you will automatically see the lowest priced car companies for the size vehicles you are considering renting.

After you narrow it down from that step, go directly to those particular companies to see if they are offering any specials that are listed on their website. If you have an Entertainment Book, are members of AAA, Costco, or other companies offering discounts, there are usually special discount codes that can be entered into the discount offer section where you fill out the other rental information. If you are not members of any of the above, Yahoo or Google something similar to “discount codes for Avis car rentals.” This should bring up several sites such as or that will show you all discount codes available to use. Make sure you read the requirements on the discounts offered because some require a specific rental length or car type.

Many car companies have their own membership clubs that offer discounts or frequent flyer miles. Sign up for these. Anytime you can get free air miles you should take advantage of this. However, beware, some car rental companies will charge you more if you want frequent flyer miles, so it might not be worth it.

When filling out the paperwork, the rental company will ask you if you want to take out insurance on the vehicle. Do not do this if you have your own car insurance, since that will often cover rental cars also. Check with your insurance prior to renting to make sure. Plus, if you have a portable GPS, bring yours with you instead of renting one. Rental of a GPS for a week will nearly cover the cost of buying one.

If you do not need a large SUV or a convertible, if you want to save money, then do not rent these types. Only get the largest vehicle you need. Usually the larger vehicle or the specialized ones are more expensive. Under some instances however, such as with high gas prices, these larger vehicles can be rented for less. Do your homework before renting and you can save money.

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How to Save Money on Hotel Reservations

Most everyone loves taking a vacation, but sometimes the total cost of traveling prevents some from going where they would like or for as long as they would like. There are ways to help cut costs on nearly every part of a vacation from airline tickets, car rentals, hotel prices and even tourist sites.

Hotel costs can be outrageous, but there are ways to rope them in a bit making them more reasonable. You do not have to pitch a tent on the side of the road, if that is what you are thinking. But, you do not have to stay at the costliest hotels either. If you are on a budget, consider more the middle of the road priced hotels. Most of these include a very nice continental breakfast. Some even include a manager’s reception in the evening, often including a glass of wine or beer and heavy snacks which would be enough for dinner. The high end hotels do not offer continental breakfasts or the evening social. The lower end hotels usually include a continental breakfast, but usually that is a packaged pastry and coffee.

Make sure you always sign up for the hotels rewards program. These can give you points that build whenever you stay at those chains, and can then be redeemed in the form of free nights or gift cards. If you do not think you will be staying at those hotels very often, many hotels instead will offer points to go toward frequent flyer miles on most any major airline. Some even offer you the ability to collect both points and airline miles. If you do end up staying in those chains often, you can find that you may just have several free nights by the end of the year.

When making reservations online, there is a rate section. Check out the different types of rates available, such as senior discount, AAA discount, military or government discount or internet discount. Everyone can qualify for at least the internet discount which is usually ten percent off the basic rack rate. But check every one that you qualify for every time you make a reservation because sometimes the senior discount is the best and other times the government discount is the best. Also, many times the hotel will have an advance pay discount. This means that you pay a much lower fee but you need to know that if you cancel that reservation for any reason, no matter what, you will not get your money refunded. Be very careful on those. Most of the other reservations can be changed without charge.

There are many other ways to save on hotel reservations, but these suggestions should get you started on your way to having a less expensive vacation. There are so many other things you can use that extra money for, why spend it when you do not need to. Have fun!

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How To Score Affordable Plane Tickets

Airline tickets are expensive. Many people are going on much cheaper vacations these days because of the economy, for example going camping instead of going to Disney World. There are ways to get cheaper tickets to make your vacation a lot cheaper that you probably did not even realize. Here are some excellent ways to try to get cheap airfare.

One of the best ways to get affordable tickets is by planning far in advance of your travel date. If you are travelling within the United States, try to buy tickets 90 days early, and if you are vacationing internationally, you need to get them at least 120 days before takeoff. Do a little research to plan around the peak flying seasons and various holidays. Airlines are know to raise their prices incrementally as it gets closer to flight time, so if you can manage to plan ahead you could save hundreds of dollars.

If your vacation is not set in stone, and you are one of those families that likes to do things at the last minute, then you can also save a huge amount by getting tickets on the day of a flight. Often, if a flight has empty seats, an airline will heavily discount these. There are online sites that list these, or you can call an agent.

Even when you plan way ahead, it is good to go online and do some comparison shopping. See what rates the different airlines are chargiing for similar flights. After you figure out the cheapest flight, change the dates to try to find an even cheaper ticket. It’s like mining for gold; sometimes you will strike it rich and find that incredible deal. There are some web sites that track the different prices on different days to help out with your search.

Just like buying last minute, using ticket discounters is a bit unreliable, but occasionally you can find excellent prices on tickets. The companies that aren’t as large often give deeper discounts because of lower overhead. Some of these discounters operate online, and you can sign up for nitifications when tickets that you may be interested become available.

There is no reason, after following the advice above, why you cannot get very reasonable tickets. The vacation of your dreams could be just around the corner.

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Car Rental Tips

People rent cars while traveling for business and pleasure, to fulfill a transportation need not met by their current vehicle or vehicles, while their vehicle is in for mechanical, or collision damage repair, to name a few of the reasons.

It is possible to save considerable money on a car rental by using some tips that will work in just about any of the above situations, and quite possibly for others as well.

It is sometimes possible to save money on a business or vacation rental in a number of ways. With a little extras effort, renting from a company that does not have a rental counter inside an airport terminal could offer some savings in exchange for riding a shuttle to their location.

Many rental companies will also offer a discount that enables them to match a competitor’s rate on a comparable vehicle.

Bundling a rental car with flight reservations and hotel accommodations frequently offers substantial savings. Travel consolidation websites negotiate with rental car companies, exchanging the potential for increased rental volume for a reduced rate. These rates change frequently, so if your travel plans are made in advance, you can often save money by booking well in advance to ensure securing a vehicle, then continue to browse the websites for new deals as your trip approaches.

If your ground travel necessitates picking up a vehicle at one location and dripping it off at another, rental companies sometimes add a fee for this. If you are renting at a location where the demand for vehicles is lower and driving it to where it is higher, ask the rental company to waive this fee. Point out to them that you are getting their vehicle from where it is more needed and that you should not only have the drop-off fee eliminated, but that you should get an additional discount on the rate for doing them a service.

One other area that offers savings is in the event of a repair of some sort. Many cheap car insurance companies offer coverage for this for a very low additional premium. They will often offer rental expense reimbursement for the first three days. This is often buried in the small print of insurance policies, so if you have several vehicles, which increases the odds of extended repair services, or you have a vehicle that is demonstrating an affinity for the repair shop, check to see if this benefit is available, or consider adding it.

Renting a car is one financial transaction that lends itself well to negotiation. Don’t be shy about asking for reduced rates, upgraded vehicles or anything else that will save many or improve the experience.

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Hotel Reservation Tips Stretch Travel Budget

When planning a vacation or other travel that will include a stay in a hotel, there are ways to ensure a pleasant experience with accommodations while saving money at the same time. The first step is to establish a budget in order to know how much will be available for overnight lodgings. Next, decide how much time will actually be spent in the hotel room. For instance, with an extensive road trip to a destination the rooms on the way may be needed just to shower and sleep. In that case, it may not be cost effective to pay for a lavish bedroom or suite and it will be helpful to keep some hotel reservation tips in mind that will save money when traveling.

A brief Internet search will result in several moderately priced or cheap hotel chains that may be sufficient for certain travel needs. Once a hotel chain is decided on, get the number of the local hotel and contact them yourself. You will be better able to negotiate with the manager of the hotel than with customer service that you reach through calling an 800 number.

Ask the hotel manager about special rates and be sure to mention any clubs or organizations you belong to, such as roadside service agencies, unions, professional associations and especially the armed forces. Many hotels give discounts on the room rate to members. Get a firm commitment on the total price, including tax and any other fees before confirming the reservation and keep a record of your confirmation number.

Discount Hotels

If planning to stay several nights or a week in a particular area, search for discount hotels. They will not be four star hotels and may not have all the amenities, but if what is really needed is just a place to sleep after enjoying the area attractions, they may be an excellent way to stretch the vacation budget. Some will even have a pool or offer free continental breakfast. Regardless of what the room rate is for any hotel, it should be clean and safe, so if visiting for the first time, look the room over carefully before giving your approval.

Hotels that are not in the mainstream of the action but just a few miles out of the way may offer huge savings over those inside a popular vacation spot. If staying a length of time and you do not know the area, make hotel reservations by phone for one night, if possible, at a four star hotel and take some time the next day to explore a bit and look for less expensive accommodations for the rest of the stay.

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